Exclusive Genesis slot game for mobile gambling now available at Genting casino

Genting casino has reputation for offering games that can’t be found xmas_chipanywhere else, including titles developed in-house.

Recently, they decided to make some adjustments and introduced new slot machines, so that their members will have more options at their disposal.

Using mobile devices for gambling purposes has been possible here right from the start and this is the top priority for the casino.
Genesis Gaming is on the software developers that have released countries games fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.

It was only natural for them to appear as a natural partner and the fact that they are available across the Quickfire network also helps a lot. Unique features are going to be introduced in an attempt at creating the ideal mobile gambling experience and all of them are available in HTML 5.

For a time, it seemed like the new format won game enough traction and flash games will still dominate the market, but it is now clear that that was a foul sin.

Keeping players entertained and fully immersed in the gaming experience, while running smoothly on all sorts of devices is the merit of these games.

Genesis Gaming promises to keep up the tempo and introduce more games of this type, so online casinos that seek them as partners are guaranteed to offer a coherent and consistent lineup of games.

Many of the games released hit the stores around the Oktoberfest, but Genting casino won’t limit its players to games crafted in the last weeks of September.


Since then, the software developer has produced some amazing titles and all of them are now available in both real money and play money format. They are quite different but the things they have in common are also the ones most appreciated by slot machines fans from all over the world.

Nobody will turn down free spins and that’s why scatter symbols are so important and it means a great deal that they frequently appear lined up on the active pay line. Wild symbols are also abundant and they boost payouts on all slot machines, therefore increasing the profits without requiring a sizable investment.

Scott Sims, Head of Global Design at Genesis Gaming gave some hints about what the near future will bring, with the first months of 2016 to Mark the introduction of new titles.

Genting casino representatives also announced their intention to add any new games to their collection, so the latest releases will be available here first. It’s hard to believe that they will deviate from the now established program off introducing only games that are fully compatible with mobile devices.

The HTML 5 interface is immensely popular and it is here to stay, so if you appreciate its advantages, you’ve got some good reasons to stick around and wait for January.