Plenty of types of poker

There are plenty of types of poker enjoy by fans of the genre all over the world, in addition to the dominant game of Texas hold‘em.

Most of them have the advantage of being played using similar rules, so making the transition from one to the other is not extremely difficult.


The Royal flush sits at the top of the food chain, while a single pair is the week is hand, except obviously for the top card.

How to compare hands strength

Depending on the game of choice poker players will be aiming for different hands and the combinations are multiple, but can be divided into certain categories.

If players agree with the rules prior the game starts, they will be ranking their hands based on straight high, straight low or high/low hands.

Just as the name suggests, the straight high hand is the one that rewards the player who has the highest card, which are regarded as the strongest.

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Straight low hands are at the opposite end of the spectrum, and in order to win in those poker games played by this rule, you will need to have the lowest cards. Veteran players, who don’t mind to spice up things a little bit by slightly complicating the game, will enjoy the high/low hands.

AcesTexas Poker How to Play

In these types of poker, players can win both with the high hands and the low ones, which add a brand-new layer of complexity and demands players to think about multiple combinations.

Special ways of playing poker

Most poker games are played by straightforward rules, but those who seek diversity about anything else, have a couple of special versions to choose from.

The Kill” applies to those high/low games where players win a pot that is not split with opponents and upon doing so, they receive the kill button.

They’re expected to double the wagers in the next round and hope to make a new scoop, to become the killer, with the stakes remaining at the same level until the “killer” player emerges victorious.

A slightly different version of the game involves the “half-kill“ which is virtually the same, with the only distinction that the player doesn’t have to double up the stakes.

Those who strive to further complicate the rules, can employ the “The look at two and kill” variants, in which players receive the kill button only after checking out their hole cards.